Be the house in the first decentralized, Metaverse (VR) Casino.

Creating the underlying infrastructure for real-world commerce and its data.

Interchain DEX will be the first module in the next generation of DeFi enabled through Kira’s multi-bonded staking consensus.

A fully detailed analysis of Ocean Protocol’s blockchain tech that will unlock data for enterprises and individuals.

A look into the enterprise-level blockchain network of China.

European Union’s plans for a digital transformation in the decade of 2020–2030.

  • EU aims to attract investments of €200 billion in Artificial Intelligence over the next 10 years
  • New data strategies and use of AI in multiple industries to help researchers, businesses and citizens
  • Blockchain implementation for digital IDs and services
  • Digital transformation based on European values of security and privacy
  • Cryptocurrency/blockchain…

Conspiracy theorists have been researching about this online and have come up with some wild ideas. This is a look into the actual facts and the info that is available about this medieval country.

World Map (mentioning Tartaria and the Tartaric ocean) by Frederik de Wit

“The longest journey starts with but a single step”.

The largest early world map — Monte’s Planisphere.

Locha Mesh is a radio network for off-grid messaging and cryptocurrency transactions.

Nym is creating the next generation of anonymity tools to end mass surveillance.

Nagato Dharma

Bitcoin | Crypto | Privacy | Fundamental Analysis Research

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